Hello there. When I started this blog I was deeply bitter and resentful about graduating with an English Degree and being unable to get a job. Now, after 2 years, I know there’s nothing I can change about that, but I do have to move on. It’s not lightly that I have decided to change blogs; It’s a matter of moving on. I need to shed this skin, the past that keeps holding me back, the notion that I am defined by something negative, and I want to run towards the future, whatever it holds for me.

Whether you follow me over to this new adventure or not, I want to thank you for the support you’ve given, for the platform to express my thoughts and love of books, for seeing me through a trying time in life. So thank you. A thousand times over, thank you.

Now, where am I going? What is this new blog?

Well, you know I’m a writer, right? So I took a character that I’m so in love with writing and created that persona in my new blog (totally not weird, right?). Em, the Literary Empress. (Also, you might get a feel for this character and maybe, someday, you’ll get to actually met her on the page yourself.) So, without ado, follow me over to the Literary Empire : https://theliteraryempress.wordpress.com .