Frostblood by Elly Blake

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a picky reader. While I did enjoy Frostblood, I never fell in love with it. I wanted to, but it never had the moment of “Give me more!”

Frostblood had everything going for it: Ruby is a Fireblood, a person with the gift of fire; Arcus is a powerful Frostblood hiding in a monastery; the country is in a state of chaos… but it just fell short.

Elly Blake does a fantastic job getting us into the story, her descriptions are beautiful but I wish there were more. When we start, Ruby is illegally practicing her Fireblood power when the militia comes with the intent to bring her before the King, most likely to be killed. Her mother is killed in the skirmish and Ruby is dragged to a prison… that’s where I felt the story took a turn. Ruby is rescued by Frostblood monks who whisk her away and train her. But one of them believes Ruby is an ancient chosen one, one who will use her Fireblood power to destroy an evil darkness.

For me, the rest of this was a bit cliché and trope-ish. It read like a cross between Red Queen (which I did not like) and Snow like Ashes (OMG! That book!). But sadly Frostblood just wasn’t that memorable for me. There was a Rancor like snow creature, an area where champions go to die, an evil omnipotent darkness, and a hidden king in plain sight with a ruthless brother. All of this would have been fine, but I just couldn’t find a memorable moment or theme to stand apart from all the other YA Fantasy out there.

If you are looking for an introduction to YA Fantasy, or a new series to start, it works, but I’m looking for something to knock my socks off, and when that happens— you’ll know.

Overall, Frostblood was entertaining, just like the champion fights, but it lacked the everlasting hold to garner more than 3 stars.

Xoxo, Camille