Hey! So it’s been a while.  Personally I’ve been dealing with a lot. But nothing soothes a damaged soul like Leigh Bardugo… well… okay, so I may end up even more heartbroken, but the way she wields words— *sigh, it’s amazing. Aka, I’m reading Crooked Kingdom. and… IT. IS. AMAZING! But here is Southern California, a cold front has moved in, and I am freezing. I decided to start my goals for the end of the year: finish Crooked Kingdom, read at least 2 more books off my TBR (the Diabolic and Scythe, and possibly Metaltown), and then start planning new things for January. I WILL be starting a Booktube (AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH). I just received my first ever OWLCRATE! and wait impatiently for my first FAIRYLOOT (Yes, it was a VERY bad month of October because 2 of my 3 cats died and I binged on book subscriptions). To top it all off, I hope to have graduate school applications in by the end of the week *screaming. So there’s a lot to happen. I hope to have the following post ups: On Libraries. Suspending Disbelief (in congruent with my writing blog Camillesmaby), and one on Series that low burn (Snow Like Ashes and An Ember in the Ashes).

There you have it! Goals for the next few weeks before 2017 hits us. Wish me luck! (PS. update on NANOWRIMO— I’m at about 30k, but I know I won’t make the 50k goal. However, I am satisfied with my care 😉 )

Toodles! Camille ❤  (yes, that’s a horrible attempt at a heart!)


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