The Midnight Star:

One of my most anticipated reads this year was The Midnight Star… and it DOES NOT disappoint. A bit of backstory: I tried so hard to read Legend, and I just couldn’t. So when The Young Elites came out I was skeptical. But the story sounded so intriguing, I thought I’d give it a chance. I’m glad I did.

I think what drew me to this series was the fact that everyday we are faced with decisions that have outcomes, turn right or turn left moments, to be good or evil. And what if we decided to do what was unexpected, to turn for the worse? What Marie Lu does in this series is address those questions. Adelina wants to be accepted, to be loved, and when given the chance she evaluates her decision and moves down the darker path. The Midnight Star took everything about that and amplified the stakes: the Young Elites are dying.

While I know there are some who thought the opening ran slow, I liked the pacing of this book. I think if it moves any faster we would loose what makes this story, the journey and development of these characters. Yes, even in the third and final book Marie is still building details of these characters in a way that makes my heart sing… and break.

I’m not going to give any spoilers, but this was one of the BEST finales I have read. And that says a lot because if you know me you know I hate trilogies and endings. The ending was poignant and powerful and tore my heart out in a billion different ways. But I still came back for more, for that final page, the light exhale as it all ended.

I’m not going to make this a long post, because I’ve said everything I need to say: THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. Despite its shorter nature (clocking in at 314 pages), I was impressed with the skill exhibited on each page, a masterful stroke of character and story and heart. And yes, this book will give you a major book-hangover.

This is the second series finale I’ve read in the last month, and I still have Crooked Kingdom (current read) and The Fever Code. So many more feels to come.

Toodles, Camille

PS. On a scale of doughnut to a whole cake (because that’s the obvious scale used for emotions) this rates a cake. But I enjoyed every slice of it 🙂