Frost Like Night

How do I even start?! I mean I could squeal in delight and horror but I don’t think that’s what you want.

Well to start off, I made the person in Barnes and Nobles go dig in the backroom to get my copy of Frost Like Night because it wasn’t out on the floor yet! That was at 2 in the afternoon?! And that’s how this ride started. I should have seen it as a predecessor for what was to come. Many times I had to stop and put the book down because: FEELS! So many FEELS!

I write notes in my margins (I know! And I dog tag my pages! * sly grin. I’m a rebel redhead) BUT, there’s not a single note in Frost Like Night. Now, normally that could be good or bad, in this case, it’s because I don’t have anything to add (besides quite a few tears). Maybe I should give some backstory to how I got here.


Last year I read Snow Like Ashes, and I liked it and all but I wasn’t I NEED the next book. I bought Ice Like Fire anyways and it sat on my shelf for a couple months. There was always something more important to read. When I finally picked up Ice Like Fire, it was like a warm cup of cocoa welcoming me home after a long winter day. That’s when I realized what a power it held over me. Other series I’ve read in short time, but they fade into the background (ahem Red Queen), whereas Ice Like Fire only made me love this world and these characters even more. More insane was that I realized I actually missed these characters! So traveling down memory lane to Frost Like Night, I was to the moon and back about this book release (hence the reason I was upset Barnes and Nobles didn’t have it on the floor for release day— like WHAT?!)

What about Frost Like Night is so great? Glad you asked. Everything. And I’ll just leave it at this super vague word. The world. The characters (We get more POV’s! And more characters!). The ability to feel like you belong.

That’s the key to this whole book (no pun intended). Sara Raasch wrote a character that I wish I had growing up, because this book would have been the book I attached myself to. For a lot of reasons I connected to Meira like I did Katniss (which is saying a lot in my book— I’ll explain someday). I have a really hard time connecting to characters, but Meira was a person I recognized within me (Not the magical powers part I wish I had), she struggles with trying to be someone she isn’t, she just wants people to accept her for who she is, she is stubborn and fierce. The younger me would have latched onto that and ran with it. So thank you Sara for writing this character, for making me remember that it’s okay to just be me. That I am more than enough.

You probably didn’t click on this post to be told that, but that’s what this book and series means to me. It’s going on my special shelf of favorite series.

Back to Frost Like Night. I’m not about spoilers but I can say we get a new POV, which is fabulous, we learn more about magic and Primoria, and it’s an emotional rollercoaster! (Did we ever discuss the theory I have about… well, spoilers. I’ll save that discussion for another date).

This is turning into very long post, but I’m almost done. You need this book in your life! This series is an all-time favorite, and this book finished it off BEAUTIFULLY. I’m always skeptical of the final book in a series but Frost Like Night did not disappoint! It has everything you want (and a few things you might not) and finished these characters’ arcs off in a way that is both satisfying but not cheesy. I HATE cheesy endings.

So on that note, I’m not going to draw it out any further: Snow like Ashes series is over and finished, I’m an emotional wreck and it’s only going to get worse. * Glares lovingly at The Midnight Star AND Crooked Kingdom AND Fever Code. Basically all my favorite series are ending and I’m emotionally comprised. From here on out, just be prepared for sobbing interludes during the posts.

Toodles, Camille