It’s overview time! Hurrah for September! And yes, I know I’m a bit behind. But here’s to remembering all that September supplied.

September started off with the release of A Torch Against the Night by the lovely Sabaa Tahir. In addition to getting to meet her and Nicola Yoon at a Barnes and Nobles event at the Grove, I also went to Pasadena Loves YA. It was a busy bookish day but well worth it (bonus! I just found out I won Penguin Teen’s A Torch Against the Night sweepstakes! Eek!).


I finished My Lady Jane by the lady Janies and LOL’d the whole time. Literally. I laughed way too much, drank champagne and giggled at one in the morning. I also read the sampler of The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead which I got a Yallwest in April (OMG this book is so good! I need to go buy it!)

Figured these lovely ladies needed sparkles.

Frost Like NIGHT!!! I’m currently in the middle of reading this and I AM DYING! GAW! Also, I’m horribly sad that it’s the last book! Another series ending…

Snow’s above, is this series really over!

The next excitement was Crooked Kingdom!!! A. It came out and I haven’t had the chance to read it yet. B. I won YA Wednesday’s swag pack and attained the sacred socks! And sampler, and pin, and SDCC poster (SIGNED). Then I got my preorder swag and jumped for joy (Gold mailer!)

Also, I got to see James Dashner and The Fever Code come out (another ended series). This one may break my heart.

Mentioned banned books during Banned Book Week, became addicted to PSL again( Avant Market Tee). Bought multiple Jyn Erso bobbles,  and completed a full month of Bookstagrams which was something I’d never done before *high five!

In addition to my book blog, I am also a writer ( So I completed 4 short fiction pieces, and created a monster called Starvel in which character from Star Wars meet characters from the Marvel universe (check out my writing blog for fanfiction of this nature during October!)

All in all I had a grand month and I’m up to my ears in new books to read… BUT! The Midnight Star by the illustrious Marie Lu comes out in a few days and that is what I reading after Frost Like Night (sorry Crooked Kingdom, but I NEED to know what happens next to Raffaele). So there you have it, my September round up. Next week I’ll be posting my October goals and TBR! Yippy!

Until then,

Toodles, Camille