You’ve heard me mention My Lady Jane multiple times at this point, now is the moment to embrace it with zeal. I have finally FINISHED MY LADY JANE!!! And Oh My Gosh, I love this book! I definitely would have picked this book up because of the cover and then promptly placed it back because I don’t read historical fiction that much… But I then wouldn’t have known what I was missing. Storytime: my run-in with bloggers at Yallwest lead to my getting an ARC and having it signed by ALL THREE of the LADY JANIES!! So that’s how I got my copy, and I can’t express how happy it makes me.


What’s to love about it? Well, to start who doesn’t love a little magic to spruce up history? And Jane is a hysterical character to be our guide through the world, along with G and Edward. The narrators are also a bit eccentric, and lovable. I’m a sucker for character. If the character isn’t there, I’m out faster than a hot potato- BYE. So to have a group of characters each unique and well formed, I was in heaven.

In addition to the character (which I can continue to gush about) is the world the Lady Janies built. Set in a semi-historical England, I thoroughly enjoyed how they brought magic into it, and with set rules and thoughtful tact. And the use of magic is spot on fabulous! (If not a bit unruly J )


As a reader who has been in a sad slump (notably with characters named Nikolai) I was so happy to find myself laughing and giggling with each turn and situation Jane, G, and Edward found themselves in. If you want to laugh out loud at one in the morning (and subsequently try very hard to not wake the members of your household with snorts and snickers), this is the book that grants that wish.

After all the darkness, and sadness, and deep despair (with more on the way to be sure with Frost Like Night, Crooked Kingdom and The Midnight Star) My Lady Jane was the breath of fresh (and probably vanilla scented) air that I needed.

So what’s next? Well, Pasadena Loves YA is this weekend, and a Sabaa Tahir signing J all of which will be wonderful. And then… then we have the release of Frost Like Night and Crooked Kingdom. So those are my next reads. I have a 6-day break before my heart breaks… and then I’ll sink deeper into the darkness with The Midnight Star.

On that note—

Toodles, Camille