That mysterious question I alluded to will have to wait. This week was a bit chaotic, and as a result, I didn’t post.

I know, I know. Please don’t berate me. I’m a slow reader who’s dying to finish My Lady Jane, but time is short ( and valuable) so I read in small hours before I go to sleep. Sometime soon though, I have to finish. Crooked Kingdom comes out! AND… I’m waiting for my copy of A Torch Against the Night. And Frost Like Night is upon us! So… I guess I need to finish.

Until then, what do you want to talk about? The stars, the moon, the thousand colors of a sunset?

Tell you what… I promise next week I will have a legitimate post to do. Pasadena Loves YA and Sabaa Tahir signing!!! Cue Happy Dance!

But at this time, I’m rather a boring individual with chaos running through my brain and words spilling from my soul.

Xoxo, Camille