The book blog of a former English Major

Reviews to Come!

Which books I finally got around to reviewing.


Changing of the Guard

Why I'm shedding this old skin and starting a new blog. Dare to journey to the Literary Empire?

Why did I bother with Throne of Glass notes? *facepalm— silly me!

Discussing (and certainly not review) Throne of Glass. Why this book means so much to me, and how a book has the power to impact you.

Crafty Magic

Book review of Blood Rose Rebellion. And how craft is just as important as plot.

Feeling FROSTY

Book review for Frostblood that left me cold.

More than a Game

How Caraval is the book to beat in 2017— and Gushing, lots of fangirl gushing!

Let’s have a Conversation

Forming an OPEN conversation about Diversity in YA literature.

This Girl’s got a BOOKTUBE!!!!!

How I'm using my new booktube channel to conquer my fear of public speaking

Unequal. Unbroken. Unexpected.

Thoughts (and an honest review) of Gilded Cage. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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